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GATI HOME RELOCATION – Trusted & Affordable Commercial Moving Friend to New City

Commercial moving needs the expertise that only an experienced moving company can offer you. When you are thinking to relocate your commercial belongings to a new city, you need a professional to handle your moving task.

Whether you are going to move your hospital, business, shop or industry to a new city, GATI HOME RELOCATION is second to none in offering comprehensive commercial moving. We are well aware of the fact that commercial moving needs perfection, otherwise you can end up with a mess and a severe damage to your belongings.

Services We Cater in Commercial Moving

We GATI HOME RELOCATION have been handling commercial moving/shifting projects for years. We know where to start and how to finish. Before to start any commercial moving, we draw a strategy to make the moving fast and hassle-free. From packing heavy to light objects to unpacking – we take care of all without any mistake. Services we proffer in commercial moving,

  • We do packing of your commercial belongings step by step to ensure a flawless packing experience
  • We use modern techniques to pack and load heavier machineries, furniture and fragile belongings to ensure the utmost safety.
  • We not only pack, load and move your belongings to a city you mention but also we install them effortlessly. Just guide us where to install.
  • We offer storage and warehouse facility on the basis of customer’s request.

We understand moving your plant/business/shop/laboratory is a tedious job. We cannot able to have a breath of relief until and unless the belongings reach your new place. Thus, we provide an online tracking facility to our customers that they can keep an eye on the transition whenever they want.


In the field of commercial shifting, GATI HOME RELOCATION is a well-known and reliable name. we can arrange the transition way you ask us to provide. Whether you want to move your fragile and light belongings to move fast to the new city, we will send all the stuff by air. Things make us pioneer in commercial shifting are,

  • Our efficiency
  • Time perfection
  • Best customer assistance.
  • Quality packing material and reliable transportation system
  • Affordable rate

To ensure the best and headache free commercial moving we use only quality packing materials. Each packing material is quality tested and robust to handle wear and tear during transition. Materials help us to make a hassle-free and a secure commercial moving,

  • Moving boxes-Most commonly, these cardboard moving boxes can be used to pack materials which is not prone to damage like clothes, kitchen boxes etc.
  • Specialty boxes-While the moving boxes are for packing of general items, the specialty boxes are especially meant for proper protection of your delicate items.
  • Wrapping paper-Wrapping papers are one of the important packing materials needed during home relocation because you need it to wrap the items which are delicate.
  • Bubble wraps-Bubble wraps are the most popular and a safest kind of packing supplies that can be used for wrapping of fragile items.
  • Packing peanuts-Packing peanuts are used to fill the empty space inside the box.
  • Wrapping foam-Wrapping with foam will be very beneficial for you in case the road is rough or the truck meets some accident.
  • Moving blankets-You can buy the moving blankets as they are big and thick and can be wrapped easily around big furniture like wardrobes, show peace etc.
  • Movers stretch wrap-The other element in the list of household packing materials needed during home relocation is movers stretch wrap.
  • Labels-Needless to say labeling each of the boxes correctly is important because when the packed boxes are labeled properly.
  • Box cutters-Box cutters are important items and you must buy at least one during your home relocation.
  • Scissors-It will be very useful to cut the tapes and open your boxes.
  • Mattress bags-Mattresses are so big and of huge size that they will never fit into the boxes that you have brought
  • Packing tapes-Buying packing tapes is of paramount importance as they are used to seal the boxes or secure the wraps around the boxes.

If you need an immediate commercial moving, then give us a call. We can arrange it and make it successful within a short notice.

You can call us or drop an email. We will get back to you for sure.